Fitzpatrick is a top-tier Intellectual Property law firm that has handled more USPTO (US Patent and Trademark Office) cases than any of their New York-based competitors. Unfortunately, a dated corporate website and conservative internal culture has left their expertise in USPTO matters largely unnoticed. Fitzpatrick engaged NEO to help re-position the firm as a leader in USPTO proceedings with a separate online presence. Bold in look and confident in tone, Post Grant HQ underscores the firm’s expertise with meaningful, engaging content: videos, infographics, statistics, latest industry news and more. Since launch, the website has become a “go-to” resource for all things Post Grant, solidifying Fitzpatrick’s credibility and relevance in this competitive market.

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Post Grant HQ Website

The homepage is designed as a visual “dashboard”, allowing users to access any/all important content with one click. 

All content was rewritten to be pithy, attracting more readers and helping establish Post Grant HQ as the authority on all Post Grant matters. The content can also easily be shared on various social media platforms. Interactive content such as short videos focusing on different Post Grant topics increase user engagement. Bright, bold statistics at a glance reintroduce typical industry data in a compelling new way, underscoring the firm's deep experience in this specialized area of the law.

An email launch campaign promoting Post Grant HQ capitalizes on the bold, graphic approach of the website to attract eyes old and new. A printed companion piece, via a newspaper format, that highlights all the contested proceedings makes the content more tactile and immediate. Branded as the "IPR Reporter", the launch and distribution of this piece coincided with press coverage by the Wall Street Journal.