About Us

NEO is a creative coalition with a singular purpose. We create meaningful communications that help our clients forge enduring relationships with the audiences that are critical to their success. We’re designers, problem solvers, information architects, artists and writers, and our collective backgrounds and areas of expertise inform everything we do. We believe our individual perspectives come together to create a richer experience that results in powerful communications—across all media.


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NEO’s client roster spans a multitude of industries. While we have a strong heritage in financial services, we have deep expertise in the legal services industry as well having partnered with more than half of the top 25 law firms in New York City. Longstanding engagements in arts and culture, not-for-profit, retail and hospitality round out a diverse clientele with whom we’ve had the incredible fortune of collaborating for two decades.



Stop by NEO on any given day and you’re likely to encounter a healthy dose of laughter, water-cooler banter and the occasional prank on an unsuspecting co-worker. That’s because at our core, we’re a firm built on mutual respect and the fact that we truly enjoy each other’s company. And, while work and clients come first, many years in this business have taught us not to take ourselves too seriously. See for yourself—you're welcome anytime.



Founder, husband, father of two, captain of his own boat and all-round good guy, Louis makes sure the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted when it comes to all aspects of firm operations. A great listener and sounding board, he also has the uncanny knack of making sure every client is happy.

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If you think Eric just sits around drawing pictures all day, then you’re half right. The other time is spent making sure everything that leaves the office is strategically sound, beautifully crafted and – most of all – memorable. When he’s not doodling, you’ll find him upstate plotting his next DIY project.

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You’ll want Kevin on your side when you need the smarts of an IT guy wrapped up in the sensibilities of a seasoned design veteran. He ensures all clients’ interactive needs are meticulously and realistically met. In his spare time, you can find him training for his next marathon or trolling the aisles of Trader Joe’s.

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When it comes to law firm marketing and business development, having Linda join the NEO team is the biggest no-brainer in the history of…well, no-brainers. She uses her marketing savvy, approachable manner, and just a touch of sass to charm and win over new NEO converts in the legal industry and beyond. When Linda’s not busy making new connections; she’s either building her dream home or more likely—stealing the spotlight at karaoke night.



Fate’s love of information, organization and efficiency makes her any project manager’s dream come true. She designs many of the studio’s multi-component projects from start to finish—ensuring top-notch work. When her nose isn’t in a book she is most likely sketching her house of glass.