Evolution Markets

Evolution Markets, a provider of financial services to the global green markets and clean energy sectors, challenged NEO to create a place for sustainability within the world of financial services. The bar was set high—how do we distinguish the company in a niche but increasingly crowded environmental brokerage market?

NEO created a new way to talk about sustainable markets: “EvoFinance, The Intersection of Environment, Energy and Finance™.” The concept—applied to a new identity, website, capabilities brochure, advertising and trade exhibits—shows this confluence by marrying the technical, results-driven focus of the environmental markets with the simple beauty of nature.

We also positioned the company as a thought leader in the environmental and energy sectors by creating blog “desks” and Twitter pages for the various markets in which Evolution Markets trades: coal, natural gas, carbon, water, etc. Each desk is helmed by an author who can blog and tweet about industry news, market updates and industry-related editorial pieces.

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