Curiam Capital is a private investment firm that provides financing for high-value litigation. While Third Party Litigation Funding is not a new concept, it has only reached critical mass in the U.S. in recent years. Curiam (latin for “by the court”) was borne out of a desire to capitalize on this continuing growing interest. In a relatively niche industry, NEO branded the firm as a creative and nimble but experienced financial partner. By creating a comprehensive visual palette that supports the company’s mission, Curiam has emerged as an innovative and credible force in litigation finance.


Logomark Exploratory

NEO’s initial design exploratory for the logo mark includes various concepts, color palettes and logo applications. The final logo mark (shown on business card) reflects Curiam’s clean, precise aesthetic; and the distinct period at the end punctuates the firm’s expertise.


Brand Moodboard

Curiam’s visual palette consists of a bold color palette, black and white photography, a modern typeface family and line-drawn iconography to highlight the firm’s expertise.


Corporate Website

The new website introduces Curiam as an experienced, boutique litigation finance firm.

Collateral and Exhibit Materials

From a high-end capabilities piece and trade show materials to branded mugs and pens, Curiam’s sleek and bold aesthetic compels attention across all media.