Accion is a pioneering microfinance organization with a simple mission: to ensure that every individual has access to high-quality, affordable financial services. Despite the growth and reach of microfinance in the last few decades, there are still 2.7 billion people without access to economic opportunity. Accion believes that in today’s world, financial inclusion must be an imperative.

Over the last three years, as Accion has continued to grow and fine-tune their strategy, they have partnered with NEO to create a communications platform that includes a comprehensive verbal and visual palette to keep the organization’s mission and work top-of-mind with its various stakeholders.

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Annual Reports

As the organization's flagship marketing piece, the Annual Report (both printed and online versions) conveys the strategic initiatives that guide Accion's work. It tells Accion’s story through engaging case studies of their clients—the individuals, their livelihoods and newfound opportunities

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Promotional Materials 

To celebrate Accion's 50th anniversary, limited edition history books detailing the early years of this ground-breaking organization were distributed, along with a desk calendar, to all of Accion's employees, clients, friends and partners

Ventures Newsletter 

Published twice a year, the Ventures newsletter engages the Accion community with news from around the world, feature stories on Accion pioneers and ongoing innovations in microfinance.

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Donor Materials

All donor collateral prominently feature Accion clients from around the world, underscoring the diversity of brave and industrious individuals the organization has empowered.